066 – Sonal Shah – Good nutrition made easy

Why overcomplicate nutrition?

With so much conflicting information when it comes to the world of nutrition, it’s easy to get a little lost.

You know you want to feel better and look amazing but can’t quite get to grips with what you’re meant to do.

– Should you cut out carbs?

– Should you stop eating sugar?

– What about red meat?

– Is ‘five a day’ really enough?

– How about juice detoxes and calorie counting?

Sound familiar?

To help you cut through the crap, top London nutritionist Sonal Shah comes on and outlines some easy to implement basics to help improve your health and lifestyle.

What you’re going to learn:

  • How the right nutrition will benefit your body, mind and soul
  • Three simple ways to overhaul your current eating for optimum health
  • Why you need to be eating A LOT more vegetables
  • How to ensure you eat healthy when working a busy schedule
  • Why spirituality doesn’t need to be weird

… and so much more.

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– Chris.

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  • Komal says:

    Love your podcast Sonal! As you sister I can honestly say you’ve been passionate about Nutrition from when we were 12 and have never stopped. Your’e inspirational and amazing at what you do and the help you provide. So proud of you big sis! Love Komal xxxx

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