061 – Virgil Brewster – How to stay motivated to pursue your passion and improve your lifestyle

If you’ve got a track record of losing motivation and you’re stuck in a dead end job and dream of following your passion, this is the episode for you. This week, I’m joined by a returning guest and good friend of mine to get you super motivated to achieve massive success in all areas of your life in 2017.

Virgil Brewster is an Ibiza based entrepreneur and business coach and in today’s episode you’re going to learn:

– How to pivot instead of quitting when things get tough
– Why you need to truly understand your WHY before beginning any new task
– 4 techniques that are guaranteed to help you stay motivated
– Why investing in yourself is the most important ingredient for success
– Why you need to take imperfect action and fail a few times before you can succeed
– How to discover your true passion if you’re not sure what it is
– Realistic ways of pursuing your passion even if you have a full time ‘secure’ job
– How to surround yourself with the right type of people if you struggle with shyness
– Why everybody should have a coach if they want to take their lifestyle to that next level
– How to celebrate small wins and build upon them moving forward

… and so much more.

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