044 – Virgil ‘Ibiza Inside’ Brewster – How to turn your passion into a successful business in the place of your dreams

This week I’m joined by Virgil Brewster of Ibiza Inside to talk about turning your passion into a business, successfully relocating to the place of your dreams and of course one of my favourite topics and places in the entire world – Ibiza!

Some of you listening in may be experiencing itchy feet. You might be feeling a little restless in your current situation. Maybe you’re dreaming of moving to a new, dream-like location and successfully setting up a business based around your true passions. Truth be told, that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling over the last couple of months and I think it’s finally to do something about it. Not that there’s anything wrong with my life in London, I just feel it might be time for a new experience and a new adventure and what better place than Ibiza!?

After a quick hashtag search on Twitter for ‘Ibiza’ and ‘entrepreneurs’, I stumbled across the incredible website and community that is ibizainside.com. Virgil and his partner Marisa set this passion project up a few years back to document their new life in Ibiza via a blog and soon found that they had more followers than they could have ever expected. They’ve since turned this passion for Ibiza into a successful business, coaching and helping people who are looking to start a new life on the island as well as also running one of Ibiza’s most famous fitness brands, The Workout Club Ibiza. Their journey hasn’t been easy, but as Virgil gets into, it’s certainly been worth it.

If you’re interested in business, following your passions, and living life to the fullest then listen in as Virgil and I get into:

– Why you have to have a passion for your project or business for it to be a true success
– The importance of always being a student and why coaching is so important
– What the real Ibiza is like, and why it’s so much more than just parties and clubs
– What to do if the people around you don’t support your leap of faith
– Virgil’s top tips for making your new life in another country a success
– How much money you really need to save before making the move to another country
– The importance of a having master networking list and staying connected
– The power of authenticity and simply being you
– Why you should focus on building your community before launching your business
– The importance of ‘real-life’ meditation and why it doesn’t make you a hippy
– How to really disconnect from your work and why that needs to be a priority

… and so much more.

Needless to say I really enjoyed this interview and I’m looking forward to connect with both Virgil and Marisa to assist in my dream move to Ibiza. If that’s not accountability, then I don’t know what is!

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  • Wendi ferguson says:

    Great pod cast, interesting content and what a great guy Virgil is!! Going to download meditation app now! I’m sure my dream of living in Ibiza will come true, just have to be patient, until then I’ll make do with a few holidays there. I’ve followed Ibiza inside and the workout club for a couple of years now and they do such a good job!!

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