Available Now – Lifestyle: Cut The Crap

Look at this as the real world alternative to the content heavy ‘self-help’ book.

5 no-nonsense chapters to help you look great, feel great and live like you mean it.

Nutrition. Exercise. Goal setting. Relationships. Self Development.

Sort them all out. Now.

“… Robson’s style of writing and delivery of info is unpretentiously unique, entertaining and a breath of fresh air in comparison to others…” – Amazon  *****

“… uncomplicated. Drills in the point without you having to think too much. Changes are small and easy to implement so you get excited to start…” – F. Feizi *****

“… easy to live by and works. It’s a must read and a great debut from Chris Robson. Although relatively short, the points Robson puts across make total sense and are potentially life changing…” – A. Carroll *****

“… genuinely the best self help book I’ve read. It really had me  laughing as well, which was fantastic. If you want actionable content without the waffle, this should be your first port of call…” – L. Williams *****

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